By working directly with farmers, cooperatives, and dry-millers, Cereza Coffee is able to actively oversee quality control from start to finish and provide our roasting partners with a fully customizable product mix. We offer the most competitive quality and price at every volume.


Colombia Premier Specialty Program

We are proud to be a member of an alliance of coffee farmers that is taking an alternative approach to exporting Specialty Micro-lots. Through a direct trade framework, we curate the export of high-cupping Specialty Micro-lots and help farmers maximize their earnings.




Honduras Premier Specialty Program

We are proud to have strategic partnerships with some of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and technologically advanced coffee farmers and millers in Honduras. By operating a direct trade model, we offer high cupping Specialty Micro-lots at competitive prices, while maximizing farmer income.




Value Optimization Program

In addition to high cupping Specialty Micro-lots, we offer containers of coffee directly to roasters with customizable preparations and the most competitive differentials to the market.


Please explore our offering list and feel free to request samples.