Cereza Coffee was an idea born in the Andes Mountains of Colombia's Coffee Axis (El Eje Cafetero). After leaving his job as a Financial Analyst in New York City in 2015, Joseph Wein, Founder of Cereza Coffee, moved to Colombia’s Eje Cafetero to begin his journey in the coffee industry.


For the next year...

Joseph lived in a small coffee town and spent his days on coffee farms. After experiencing the links of the coffee supply chain—farmers, local buyers, political organizations, exporters/importers, distributors, and roasters—Joseph was shocked by the number of times coffee is bought and sold before reaching consumers. What surprised him most was the pricing inflation by intermediaries in the supply chain, leaving production entities with a small portion of final sales prices. Joseph saw an opportunity for change, and Cereza Coffee was born.  

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We are growing...

In early 2017, Cereza Coffee expanded to Honduras. After forming strategic partnerships with farmers, cooperatives, and dry-millers, Cereza Coffee began offering Honduran coffee.


Looking Ahead

Our philosophy is that each step should be a sturdy one. As we continue to grow, we will expand our offerings by sourcing coffee from other countries of origin. Our core concept will remain rooted in supporting our clients to best accommodate their needs. We aim to be at the forefront of industry disruption and will continue to maximize value to partners on both the production and consumption sides of the supply chain.